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GBS will assemble a team of experts to design a progressive healthcare plan specifically for the unique goals and needs of your organization – a plan with four key advantages: Our Tailored Healthcare Solutions Are Designed to: 1. Lower the amount of potentially large claims. 2. READ MORE >>

There is nothing more frustrating for you and your employees than waiting for answers to important questions that relate to your healthcare, answers that can affect quality of care or even quality of life. READ MORE >>

The Modified Community Rating, or MCR guidelines, set by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), actually adversely controls health insurance premium rates for all average to healthy businesses of 50 employees or fewer, and by 2016, MCR guidelines will be effective for all businesses with 100 or fewer employees. READ MORE >>

Problem 1: Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), employers have seen marked increases in their traditional health insurance premiums – increases from 20% to 150%. Problem 2: Because of the increased rules placed on traditional carriers, some are exiting the health insurance market leaving only a few major for-profit carriers in most areas of the US. READ MORE >>

Reinsurance protects your organization’s healthcare plan by limiting liability in several ways. Below are four reinsurance coverages that will protect your organizations healthcare plan: 1. Specific Stop-Loss Protection – Reimburses the healthcare plan for paid claims on a specific plan member that exceed the “Specific Deductible” risk amount. READ MORE >>

Did you know patients who take their prescription medications as directed spend significantly less money on their total healthcare costs? That's right! They do and major studies have proven it! Employees demonstrate better job performance with increased productivity. READ MORE >>

Listed below are just a few excellent reasons to streamline your company's benefit program. They are as follows: 3 Excellent Reasons to Streamline Benefits 1. Reduce Risk (Financial and Legal Liability) - Close to 500 lawsuits are filed every day in the U.S. related to various employee benefit administrative issues. READ MORE >>

By: James M. Deren                                              &nb...

By: James M. Deren                                              &...

By: James M. Deren Patients who are adherent in taking their prescription medications spend significantly less money on total healthcare costs than their counterparts. In fact, adherence to drug therapies reduces increased pharmacy costs by 13 to 1 (CVS Caremark, 2011). READ MORE >>

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